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Alaskan Jet Ranger Inflatable Jet Boat

Model length width weight DSC00235.JPG (1799086 bytes) DSC00232.JPG (2911652 bytes) DSC00240.JPG (1808329 bytes) Outboard Jet motors are very finicky, The fit and location of the jet foot to the stern of the boat are critical. This is why the outboard Jet motors that match up with the Alaskan Jet Rangers are the Manual trim and tilt models such as the Tohatsu MFS25BS converted to outboard jets
401AJR 13'2" 4'10" 145 lbs
430AJR 14'2" 4'10" 175 lbs The 401AJR is designed for 20hp outboard jet motors under 150 pounds. The 401AJR fits most of the older 2 stroke outboards. 
jetrangerback1.jpg (61068 bytes) jet ranger green 2003 bottom.jpg (38738 bytes) The 430AJR is designed for the new 4-stroke 25hp outboard jet motors under 200 pounds such as Tohatsu MFS25BS converted to outboard jets producing about 20HP at the jet pump.

The bottom of the Alaskan Jet Ranger is built like a truck tire. The 4000 denier  I-Beam bottom and the Grizzly claw armor laminated over multi layers of 1100 denier fabric on the bottom half of the tubes are all standard equipment on this boat. The Alaskan Jet Ranger just bounces off the rocks allowing you to travel up the shallowest of rivers where no other boat can take you.

4" air cushion under the transom I beam hull and split tail stern  401AJR and 430AJR Transom Assembly Instructions 
All new VIDEO  430 AJR on the Kinik River Alaska ALL NEW VIDEO 401 AJR Red skinny water ride
ALL NEW VIDEO 401 AJR Boat in a bag ALL NEW VIDEO 430 AJR green  Mud hole
ALL NEW VIDEO 430 AJR Green Beaver Creek A good video of the 430AJR running very skinny water on Beaver Creek in central eastern Alaska VIDEO Skilak River run to Skilak Glacier
ALL NEW VIDEO 430 AJR Green on Fish Creek ALL NEW VIDEO  401AJR Green on a glacier river somewhere in Alaska

    Specifications and current pricing

The Alaskan Jet Ranger is one Tough inflatable boat!. The 430AJR is designed to handle a 25 HP outboard at the jet drive. With the flat I-beam bottom and an outboard Jet drive this boat draws less then 3" of water and will travel 20mph with two people and a camp.  

The Heavy-Duty Oar lock System is now standard. 



  • I-beam floor channels water into jet intake foot. 
  • Floor rises to create 2" tunnel hull for shallow water running.
  • Planes in less then 3 inches of water. 
  • Heavy-Duty hull to bounce off what ever you bump into.    


  • Removable transom so you can fold boat into a smaller package. 
  • 20" Transom height built to fit Jet outboard motors
  • Folds small enough to fit into a 55 gallon drum or back of a PA18 Super Cub. 
  • 3 point towing bridle  

 All Alaska Series Jet Rangers come complete a foot pump, 2 bench seats, 3 point tow bridle, boat bag and small repair kit.  


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