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The highest quality Inflatable Boats that are built to stand up to the wilds of Alaska



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color scan names 2007-2.jpg (239007 bytes) We call the fabric used in the Alaska Series® Inflatable boats Grizzly Hide®  This grizzly tough  fabric’s best properties are: being Air tight, very tear resistant, very slippery when sliding over rocks, very abrasion resistant, very UV resistant, oil and gas resistant, excellent adhesion strength and the adhesion strength of the seams is not effected by the heat of the sun.
 Yellow, Kodak Yellow, White, Orange, Red, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Navy Blue, Dark Olive Green, Light Gray and Black are available in the 0.90mm thick 31oz 1100 denier fabric. The Base cloth is Decitex; this is a high tenacity and low stretch polyester cloth. This is coated with a Plastomer that is a blend of plastic polymers, which include PVC, Polyurethane, UV inhibitors and others. The fabric is coated using the Sol-Type coating method. This method permeates the Decitex core fabric with the Plastomer so that it not only bonds to the core fabric, it also bonds to it’s self through the weave of the core fabric. This method of coating gives far better adhesion strength then laminated fabrics such as Hypalon® and some other PVC boat fabrics
Sky Blue, Red, light Gray, Orange, Dark and Olive Green are Available in the 1.20mm thick 40oz  2200 denier fabric
Black is Available in the 1.8mm thick 62oz 4000 denier fabric
Grizzly Claw® Bottom Armor Option   The Grizzly Hide fabric also meets all the same DIN 53354 standards as Hypalon® this DIN standard tests for weathering, abrasion, sea-water, ozone resistance, color-fastness and aging stability.
It also meets the DIN 54004, 53352, 53356 and 53357 standards that cover UV resistance adhesion strength and temperature extremes from –40C to +70C  




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