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The highest quality Inflatable Boats that are built to stand up to the wilds of Alaska



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Alaska Series Seward Dinghies

Model length width weight 270S Top View.jpg (61174 bytes)  Sewards_in_a_line1.jpg (162626 bytes) 270S DS bottom keel.jpg (37009 bytes)  Add Grizzly claw armor to any model
240SDS 7'10" 4'7.5" 69 lbs 3 point tow.JPG (109326 bytes) grizzlyclaw320S.jpg (31307 bytes)
270SDS 8'10" 4'9.5" 90 lbs 270S DS botom front.jpg (71282 bytes)
290SDS 9'6" 5'3" 100 lbs
320SDS 10'6" 5"4" 110 lbs

    Specifications and current pricing

The Seward is a nice light weight dinghy that's designed to plane with small motors. The Seward is a very vestal inflatable sport boat. It's as at home on the swim step davit of a larger boat as it is folded up in the storage compartment of a small Airplane or motor home. The Seward has a few special features that add to the durability, performance and functionality. Like all Alaska Series Inflatable boats The Seward Series will provide years of useful pleasure.     



  • large tubes for additional weight capacity and dryness. 
  • Deep inflatable keel for improved tracking and to improve performance in choppy water for a dryer ride.
  • High pressure air floor stiffens bottom for efficient hydrodynamics   


  • Light weight High pressure drop stitch floor for firmer footing and ease of assembly. Just inflate and go with no wood floor boards to assemble.   
  • built in permanent  Motor mount
  • 3 point towing bridle
  • front lift handle
  • 2 rear lift handles 
  • positive attachment laced in seat attachment
  • Grab line
  • transom spray guards
  • 3 chamber hull, inflatable floor and inflatable keel

Standard Equipment

  • 3-air chamber tube
  • High Pressure drop stitch floor. (Marine plywood floor optional)
  • Inflatable Keel.
  • Fixed transom
  • Transom drain valve w/plug
  • Additional wear molding under transom.  
  • Additional wear patch under tubes.
  • 3" wide keel rub molding
  • Grab lines
  • Bench seat
  • break down 2 piece oars
  • 2 stern lift handles
  • 2 tow D-rings
  • Front D-ring/lift handle
  • tow bridle rope 
  • Optional Grizzly Claw armor bottom protection

 All Alaska Series Seward's come standard with  fabric wear patch under both tubes, 3" wide wear molding under keel and back bottom of tubes, L Shaped wear molding under crown of transom,  pump, bench seat, inflatable high pressure drop stitch floor. oars. Boat bag,  3 point tow bridle 


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